Empowering brilliant individuals and world-class operators solving difficult problems

In order to thrive and fulfill their potential in today's interconnected global market, we firmly believe that successful entrepreneurs require the support of committed, experienced, and well-connected partners who can provide long-term guidance, expertise, and valuable connections.

We are patient capital

Patient capital

Focus on long-term value

We believe that deep technology has the power to reshape industries and solve some of the most pressing global challenges in areas such as the future of computing, infrastructure, industry 5.0, security, climate, sustainability, and beyond.

Our evergreen fund enables us to take a long-term view, understanding that the transformative potential of deep tech ventures may require time and capital to fully materialize.

We provide an ecosystem of support

An ecosystem of support

Emphasis on enduring partnerships

We support our portfolio companies from pre-product market fit to subsequent stages of expansion. We remain fully committed, providing unwavering support at every stage of your journey.

When challenges arise and solutions seem elusive, we leverage our extensive network and mobilize all available resources.

We are committed to growth

Commitment to growth

Embracing risk and ambiguity

We understand that deep technology faces unique challenges and uncertainties. We are unafraid to invest because we acknowledge that breakthroughs require boldness and a willingness to navigate uncharted territories.

As a partner, we will remain steadfast and committed throughout the ups and downs of the journey, providing the necessary resources, guidance, and stability to maximize the chances of success.