Criteria Venture Tech

Unveiling Criteria Venture Tech

Todaymarks a pivotal moment in the journey of Caixa Capital Risc, as we unveil our latest initiative  — a new Evergreen Fund that marks a significant evolution in our approach to Venture Capital.

CriteriaVenture Tech is our bold  stride into a future rich with possibilities. Anchored by the +26bn assets  under management of CriteriaCaixa, this evergreen fund is uniquely positioned  to make a significant impact in the tech sector. This initiative represents  our deep enthusiasm for the transformative power oftechnology and our belief  in the extraordinary potential of the ventures we will support.

Our Unique Structure

Moving away from the traditional  10-year fund cycle, Criteria Venture Tech will operate with a perpetual  perspective. This approach allows us to invest in a spectrum of ventures from  their inception to IPO and beyond, adapting our support as companies evolve.  Our investments will be guided by a principle of enduring commitment, rather  than being constrained by fixed timeframes; this strategy is centered on  maximizing long-term value for both the companies and shareholders.

Building Enduring Companies

CriteriaVenture Tech is not just  a fund; it's a commitment to stand by our founders for the long haul. We will  provide the support and resources necessary to help our partner companies not  just succeed, but thrive over decades. This fund will focus on nurturing  companies that aspire to leave a lasting impact in the tech world.

Expanding Our Horizons

As part of this strategic shift,  we are also broadening our investment scope. This includes exploring growth  stage investments starting at Series B/C rounds and increase our involvement  in early-stage investments. Our goal is to be at the forefront of every  significant innovation wave.

An Invitation to Join Us in This Bold  New Chapter

We are excited to embark on this  journey and are eager to share more details with you. Your continued support  and collaboration have been instrumental to our success, and we look forward  to deepening our relationship through Criteria VentureTech. Together, we will  explore uncharted territories, support groundbreaking ideas, and witness the  birth of technologies that redefine our future.


Thank you for your ongoing  support and trust in us. Here's to a future filled with innovation,  collaboration and remarkable success.


Warm regards,


Team Criteria

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