Vilynx · Acquired by Apple

Our conviction runs deep

Juan Carlos Riveiro, Founder and CEO at Vilynx: “Criteria Venture Tech shared our excitement for our mission, which is to harness the power of AI to assist media companies. Their enduring commitment and proactive approach have been invaluable to us. We are truly grateful for their long-term perspective and their unwavering support in assisting our company in various capacities whenever needed.”

Criteria Venture Tech: "Vilynx distinguished itself as a specialist in advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, where the true differentiator lay in the technological ability to contextualize components such as facial analysis, speech processing, and text recognition, which empowered media enterprises to dissect metadata for enhanced engagement analysis.

We positioned early and were the first VC to back the startup, recognizing the visionary potential of Juan Carlos Riveiro's concept—an esteemed serial entrepreneur. Our faith in Vilynx's product and dedication to their mission remained resolute, and our collaboration with the Company persisted seamlessly until the acquisition by Apple Inc. in 2020."

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