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Our approach spans years

Founder and CEO at vLex, Lluis Faus: “In the business world, partnerships are all about the connections we build while working together and sharing ideas. Criteria Ventures has been an incredibly important, patient, and reliable partner for me and our whole team. We're really thankful and hold stems from Criteria Venture Tech support in opening their network, a catalyst that undeniably paved the path toward an exhilarating phase of exponential growth.”

Criteria Venture Tech: “ vLex is a legaltech disruptor that currently owns the largest global law library with more than one billion legal documents from more than 100 countries. We have been partnering with Vlex from the seed to growth phase and till private equity acquired shares in the Company to continue expanding the business globally. Leveraging our extensive network and resources, we infused the company's strategic direction with added vigor, demonstrating resilience and adaptability throughout the evolving years of its development.”

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